Out with Floral Bouquets.
In with Gourmet Food Treats.
Exclusively for Mother’s Day.

Only the freshest, premium quality meats and seafood possible from Australia, New Zealand,
Japan and Europe are worthy for your loved ones this festive season.

Eat Globally, Delivered Locally



Enjoy Mother’s Day with our Gourmet Pre-cooked Meal

Spring Quinoa and Shrimp salad x 1kg
Ready to cook Mussel Marinière x 2kg
Baby Back Pork Ribs with spiced master glaze x 2kg
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Spinach & Mushrooms 200gm x 10pieces
Australian Angus Ribeye Steak with black pepper sauce 280gm x 4pieces
Casanova Prosecco Cuvee Brut NV 750ml x 1 bottle 

Price: $1280

Serves 6-8 persons

Requires 3 working days’ advance order. Promotion valid till end May 2018.


Spring Quinoa and Shrimps Salad

Serves 6 people

Price: HK$220

per order


New Zealand Mussels Mariniere with White Wine & Salad

Ready to cook

Price: HK$150

per packet (1 kilo)


Baby Pork Ribs with Master Glaze

Ready to cook

Price: HK$100

per kilo

With Mothers’ Day fast approaching, many of us will be thinking of what to give their awesome mothers on the weekend of 13 May this year. So what are some of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas? Flowers and chocolates? Handmade cards? A short get-away for the entire family?

With Entrée Grocer’s gourmet meal promotion put together for mothers and families, your mother’s day will be filled with ease and delight with a delicious pre-cooked meal – total fuss-free dining at the comfort of your home. This time-limited promotion set comprises quality gourmet meats like Angus Ribeye Steak, Baby Back Pork Ribs, and fresh-tasting seafood like Mussels and Prawns. To sweeten up your Mother’s Day celebrations, you can pop open a bottle of bubbly Prosecco for that bit of added fun to her special day!

Gourmet pre-cooked food delivery specially for Mother’s Day
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