Best BBQ Food For Your Party: Food Notes From Entrée Grocer

Throwing a fabulously sinful barbecue for a large group of people takes some planning. We have helped many party hosts pull off wonderful barbecues. Read on for Entrée Grocer’s guide on the best BBQ food ideas.

1. Choose quality over quantity 

You don’t need to prepare a full-on massive buffet spread to host a BBQ with style. “Less is more” when you have a well-planned food selection that caters to the general palette. To plan the main meats menu for a party of 4 to 6, we recommend ordering around 700g of protein for ladies, and 1kg for men.

bbq food WAGYU RIBEYE STEAKAs a rule of thumb, always pick quality cuts of meat and fresh seafood to please both meat and seafood fans. Australia angus beef or wagyu beef are always popular. Choose meat that are well marbled so that they will be tender and succulent enough for just a quick treatment on the grill.

If you want BBQ ribs as your main ‘star’ dish, New Zealand lamb rack or US Kurobuta pork rack make fantastic choices. Always select meat that is nice and thick, with a little marbling on the meat side. Make sure that the meat is evenly distributed over the slab of ribs for perfect grilling.

To add good variety to your spread, select easy to cook and tasty BBQ food ideas like Norwegian salmon and other colourful shellfish like Vietnamese tiger prawns, Hokkaido scallops and New Zealand greenshell mussels. Fresh seafood should feel firm and the flesh will spring back when pressed gently with the finger.

bbq food seafood

2. Design a signature non-alcoholic cocktail

To make your BBQ party more special, create a signature drink for your guests and give it a fun name. Here’s a BBQ recipe that is a guaranteed to bring smiles all round:

“About Thyme” Cocktail

  • Mix lime cordial with soda water into a highball glass
  • Optional: Add gin
  • Add sliced strawberries or cranberries
  • Top up with ice
  • Garnish with thyme sprigs

thyme cocktail bbq foodImage credit here.

It can also be fun to open up some bottles of white and red wine while the steak and lamb racks sizzle in the background. To keep the BBQ’s casual vibe going, you can always serve the wine in plastic disposable cups in colours that match your theme. Check out Entrée Grocer’s wine selections here.

Ready to host your next BBQ party? Go on and check out many more BBQ food ideas at All our BBQ food items are pre-marinated for your convenience and we deliver right to your door step. Check out our ready BBQ sets today and be on your way to host a fabulously sinful BBQ.

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