Five Tips For A Fabulously Sinful BBQ Party

Are you planning a BBQ party and looking for ideas to throw a memorable barbecue for your friends?
Here are five easy tips to host a fabulously sinful BBQ party:

Tip #1 Know what your guests like

Are they meat lovers or seafood lovers? Or perhaps you’ve invited a mix of both?

Focus on quality and not quantity for your BBQ food spread. For meat lovers, choose Australia angus beef or wagyu beef in different cuts, such as Angus beef patties or Australia wagyu sirloin steak. Both types of beef are perfect for BBQs because their excellent marbling, tenderness, texture and flavour require only light grilling. Look for the free range and grass-fed label which indicates that what you’re buying is sustainably raised beef that is free of antibiotics or growth hormones.

For more variety, you can add New Zealand lamb rack or US Kurobuta pork rack to your spread. For lamb, choose grain-fed lamb for a more subtle and meaty flavour; pick grass-fed lamb for a more wild and gamey flavour.

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Having a balanced mix of seafood and shellfish adds options and visual colour to your BBQ spread. Seafood fans will appreciate quality favourites like New Zealand salmon fillet and Vietnamese tiger king prawns, as well as unique additions like Canadian botan shrimps and Mozambique scampi. When choosing salmon, pick what the trade labels as “vibrantly coloured” flesh, from deep shades of red to vibrant coral to bright pink.

Tip #2 Keep it fuss-free

As the BBQ party host, you’d want to get things organised so you can mingle with your guests and enjoy the barbecue party. Equally important for all dinner hosts and party organisers is the promise of giving guests fresh meats and seafood that remain oh-so-sweet.

  • To take away the stress of barbecue food preparation, order from and get premium quality BBQ food delivered to your doorstep.
  • To keep the sweetness of its fresh meats and seafood, Entrée Grocer pre-seasons all of their online BBQ orders with quality olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper. That’s surely tastiness to the max!
  • To cut down on washing up, use muffin liners to hold sauces and dips.
  • Put garbage bins in easy to access locations with extra garbage bags in the bottom of the can so everyone can help with clearing up.

Tip #3 Prepare beverages ahead


bbq party fruit punchCredits:

Thirst quenchers are a must at every BBQ party. You want drinks that can be fixed in bulk and self-served from pitchers. Prepare two fun and festive cocktails before the party starts with simple mixers like tonic water and bright-colored fruit juice. Think pomegranate or pink grapefruit. And make sure you have lots of ice on standby!

Tip #4 Themed décor or matching party ware


bbq party ice packsCredits:

A really simple way is to select a strong colour as your BBQ party decoration theme. From there, pick party ware that matches the colour theme – everything from the table cloth to serviettes to plastic cups and disposable cutlery, or even ice packs.  Instead of just putting ice in the cooler, use coloured balloon ice packs. Then place them in your ice container to keep the drinks and desserts cold.

Tip #5 BBQ party music to set the mood

Did you know online streaming music service like Spotify has tons of ready BBQ party song lists? Yes, they are actually called “BBQ Playlist”. You can check those out or mix your own playlist to get your party going.


To order quality food items to host your fabulously sinful BBQ, check out now. Entrée Grocers’s value-for-money BBQ food options and reliable delivery service will help you host a fabulous BBQ party with minimal fuss. We have ready to grill BBQ food sets for you to choose from as well as a solid wine list and different flower honey selection for the perfect BBQ glaze.

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