10 Tips & Ideas For A Smarter Party

Racking your brain over how to organise a home party for your friends and loved ones? Read on, we offer you 10 home party tips for a stress-free memorable festive time.

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10 Home Party Tips & Ideas For A Memorable Time

#1 Pick a party theme
Get creative! Link your theme to a festive season, or a meaningful occasion.
Make all party decisions based on your chosen home party theme idea.
Think decorations to invite design to food presentation to the choice of music.

#2 Pick a cosy venue
Jump on the bandwagon – opt for private dining venues or engage a fuss-free caterer.
Especially if they have an open kitchen and an array of quality meats & seafood.
The team at Entrée Grocer can find you a cosy party venue complete with customized menu items!
Find out more here.

#3 Issue e-invites
Work out your guest list. Send out the party invites 3 weeks ahead.
Here’s a home party tip: check out online apps like evite.com for a fancier option, or just use Facebook Messenger!

#4 Plan quality food spread
Choose quality over quantity for a nice spread with gourmet food for your guests.
Plan for the right quantity – 15% to 20% of your guests might not show up.
Order online from a reputable, reliable online delivery brand like Entreegrocer.com.
It’s awesome knowing your guests will treated to their hormone-free meats with food delivery!

#5 Plan for early arrivals
Don’t be caught off-guard! Your party invite would have stated the party hours, but always have a snack platter ready.
Include at least a vegetarian item, and some drinks ready for early birds.

#6 Design a signature festive drink
Jade Cocktail? Pink Blossom? Gold Rush? Mix plenty of your non-alcoholic cocktail ahead of guests’ arrival.
Or check out our wine collection for some bubbly Prosecco for light drinkers.
Don’t forget to get ready lots of ice!

#7 Set the festive mood with music
Create your playlist based on the party theme!
Use Spotify or Apple Music or check out free sites like YTplaylist.com, which lets you create video playlists.
Private dining caterers might provide simple AV equipment as do Entrée Grocer, so you don’t have to take care of the set up.

#8 Have place cards for guest seating
Place good listeners next to the best talkers.
Make a statement with interesting on-theme place cards.
Get the conversations flowing. A simple customised theme might get your guests talking too!

#9 Play games with prizes 
Liven things up with 2 to 3 games and prepare fun giveaways.
Rope in a guest who is good at hosting to help.
Get everyone involved and warmed up for a jolly time.

#10 Set up a kids’ table 
A must-have for family-friendly crowd.
Dress up the space with bright colours and easy-to-eat finger foods.
Prepare toys and drawing materials, or even a craft table.

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